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Overview of Campus Life at IITs

IITs have sprawling campuses with a variety of accommodations for the students, academic scholars, and faculty. You may please visit the (ExploreIIT> IIT website) to know more about the accommodations on campus.

Arts & Culture on Campus

IITs have their annual technological festivals that last for 3-4 days. Shaastra (IIT Madras), Kshitij (IIT Kharagpur), Techfest (IIT Bombay), Technex (IIT-BHU Varanasi), Cognizance (IIT Roorkee), Nvision (IIT Hyderabad), Amalthea (technical conference), (IIT Gandhinagar), Tryst (IIT Delhi), Techniche (IIT Guwahati), Wissenaire (IIT Bhubaneswar), Technunctus (IIT Jammu) are several of the technical festivals. In January or March, most of them are coordinated.

The IITs also organize annual cultural events, which last for three to four days. Thomso (IIT Roorkee), Saarang (IIT Madras, formerly Mardi Gras), Spring Fest (IIT Kharagpur, formerly SF), Rendezvous (IIT Delhi), Kashiyatra (IIT BHU Varanasi), Tirutsva (IIT Tirupati), Srijan (IIT ISM Dhanbad), Anwesha (IIT Patna), SPANDAN (IIT Jodhpur), Infinito (IIT Jammu), Petrichor (IIT Palakkad), Blithchron (IIT Gandhinagar) are some of these.

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Recreation and Wellness Activities on Campus

Most IITs have basketball, cricket, football, hockey, volleyball, lawn tennis, badminton, and athletics sports grounds; and aquatic event swimming pools. The hostels have their sporting grounds as well.

They also allow devices such as PS4, XBOX1, Nintendo, and Mobiles for video games. IITs offer the students a concept for a bright future, so they allow games that are historical and futuristic. Besides, an Inter IIT Sports Meet is held annually where athletes from all 23 IITs compete in 13 different sports for the General Championship Trophy.

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Campus Infrastructure and Facilities

IITs have a world-class infrastructure with all the facilities. The IITs are equipped with advanced facilities such as audio-visual aids in classrooms, virtual teaching amenities, and Well equipped labs.

IIT campuses provide a good atmosphere and allow for efficient teaching and learning.

In the promotion of innovative and interactive teaching and learning environments, IIT classrooms play a vital role. Both the latest equipment and technologically sophisticated audio-visual aids are available in the classrooms.

Men and women are provided with separate hostel facilities by IITs. The international students may be given the option of an exclusive ex-pat hostel at a few IITs. IITs hostels are fitted with modern amenities and services.

IITs Campus & Hostel Facilities

  • Maths Lab
  • Computer Labs
  • ATM
  • Canteen
  • Reading Room
  • Indoor Games Room

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