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Your Student Life at IITs

The Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are the most prestigious institutions in India that deliver a globally recognised quality of excellence in engineering, research and technological education. IITs are linked through history, sharing achievements of students and commitment to education.

IITs are considered as the place for like-minded people from different cultural backgrounds to meet and learn and grow together. You will be learning, observing and evolving as a student and as a person when you join IITs.

Demographics of Applicants


Lifestyle at IIT campuses

IITs constitute 23 IITs in India spread across acres of land with the highest being 2100 acres. Every campus is equipped with the best of the amenities for students as well as faculty members. Every campus has a Student Council that ensures every student diversifies and leads an active lifestyle.


IITs are the best institutions to study in India and are known for their massive campus. They provide immense opportunities to every student irrespective of their field. The campus community is a close-knit group that encourages every student to evolve in their academics as well as cultural activities.


IITs are equipped with hostels that provide comfortable accommodations for the students. Some IITs do have 11 hostels under one campus which the students take pride in. The hostels for men and women are separate. The hostels are accompanied with eating facilities available on the campus such as canteens and well-known food chains.


Health and Safety

Health Center on Campus

Every IIT Campuses have a dedicated Health Centre that is committed to promoting health and wellness. The medical, counselling and health promotion services are designed to help students stay healthy and minimize disruptions caused by injury and illness.

Campus Security

The IIT Campuses have a Security Section that provides security to students and faculty members. They also maintain law and order around the campus.

Student Clubs and Societies

IIT are well-known for their cultural events and clubs. These clubs are designed for students to take part in extracurricular activities apart from studies and nurture it as a skill. Below are a few clubs you can join at IITs:

  • Animation Club
  • Debate Club
  • Design Club
  • Dramatics Club
  • English Literary Society
  • Fine Arts Club
  • Hindi Sahitya Sabha
  • Music Club
  • Photography Club
  • Quiz Club

IITs are not just known for academic excellence but also for sports activities. Many of the IITs constitute of cricket fields, a 400 metres track, hockey fields, basketball courts, volleyball and tennis courts, indoor basketball and badminton stadiums, indoor arenas for weightlifting and squash, a skating rink, a taekwondo arena, table tennis rooms, a yoga room, two well ­equipped gymnasiums and more. This helps to motivate the students to include sports in their regime and excel at it.

Apply for a PhD at IITs

Apply for a PhD at IITs — the best technology institutions of India