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Residential Life at IITs

IIT campuses are like a small township with all the amenities within the campus premise. IITs offer a variety of residential accommodations on campus. You may please find the details of the accommodations IIT wise by clicking on “Explore IITs“. Every IIT has different coordination offices/ Unis in place that handle the day-to-day tasks and supervises them overall.

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Feel at Home

IITs take pride in offering a truly comfortable and inclusive atmosphere for all the students and scholars. We welcome fellows and students from foreign countries with open hearts. The students are offered apt and comfortable living facilities to make them feel at home.

All the rules and regulations of the hostels apply to all the international students as well. The students are encouraged to interact with other counterparts and also get access to the central library and student activity center.

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Dining at IITs

IIT hostels are equipped with fully functioning canteens and mess. The canteen/ Mess has a menu set for every meal of the day with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. There are few restaurants and tuck shops also available within the campus at some of the IITs.

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IITs Student Council

IITs have Student Councils that are for the students by the students under the supervision of faculty and staff members. The members of the council are elected annually through elections. It is a hub for numerous extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. From clubs, sports, events and festivals are planned by the Student Council.

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Residence Application Process

All PhD students joining the IITs will be allocated hostels based on the availability across various hostels.

After acceptance of your PhD application, you’ll be given details about the allocation of hostels.

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