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Energy Science and Engineering Research at IITs

Energy Science and Engineering Research at IITs

Energy Science and Engineering

 The energy area focuses on technologies for efficient and clean energy conversion and utilization, aiming to meet the challenge of rising energy demands and prices while simultaneously addressing the concomitant environmental impact. Because energy technology and fuel choices are critical determinants of economic prosperity, environmental quality, and national security, energy R&D is an essential public policy vehicle.

 Clean energy technologies are renewable, less environmentally invasive ways of powering the global community. Some of the most common examples of clean energy sources include solar, wind, water, geothermal, bioenergy, natural gas, and nuclear power. Over the past decade, India has emerged as one of the fastest-growing renewable energy markets globally. The clean energy transition in India is already well underway. India ranks fourth globally in terms of renewable energy.

Energy Science and Engineering at IITs

Energy is crucial as it has considerable implications for economic development and environmental sustainability. Hence, many opportunities exist in the energy sector. Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are globally recognized as premier institutions for engineering education and research in quality and standards. Students, who are passionate about taking up a career in the energy sector, may explore joining the internationally reputed IITs.

Research areas: The energy science and engineering (ESE) research area focuses on technologies for efficient and clean energy conversion and utilization. Major research areas include:

Energy Generation: Solar energy, Wind energy, Fuel cells, Hydro energy, Geothermal energy, Other new forms

Energy Storage and distribution: Thermal and chemical energy storage, batteries and supercapacitors, Electrical mobility, Hydrogen storage, Solar thermal, Power distribution, Smart grid, Energy efficiency, Electric vehicles, etc.

Alternative Fuels: Hydrogen, Methanol, and ethanol, Bio-energy, Waste-to-energy, Clean fuels, New paradigms, etc.

Energy, Environment, and Policy: Energy and water, Carbon capture, Energy policies and economics, Energy conversation, Smart buildings, etc.

Renewable Energy: Bioenergy, Biofuels, and co-production with other products, Solar energy, and photovoltaics, Hydrogen, batteries & fuel cells, Wind energy, Marine energy & hydropower, Geothermal energy, Other renewables

Nuclear Energy: New fuel sources, Nuclear reprocessing & breeder reactors, Subcritical reactors, Waste reduction/management, Thermal hydraulics, Stability of flows, Safety aspects, Space-time kinetics for neutronic simulation, etc.

Oil and Gas: Flow restart, Wax deposition, Upgradation, Oil-water separation, Oil rock interaction, etc.

Almost all IITs have research programs in ESE as research in energy is interdisciplinary. Some of the best institutes for research in energy are:

Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

The Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE)at IIT Delhi is an interdisciplinary department offering BTech, MTech, MS (Research), and Ph.D. programs. This department is a pioneer in energy education in the country and has continued its excellent service in contribution to academics and research for more than 45 years. The DESE provides the requisite manpower for contributing to all aspects of the cutting-edge technology development for achieving the targeted goals of clean and renewable energy and energy & environment. The department derives its strength from the disciplines of Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical Engineering, and Physics.

Indian Institute of Technology Bombay

The Department of Energy Science and Engineering (DESE) focuses on research and education for the development of sustainable energy systems for the future. The department is a unique blend of science and engineering for the energy sector. DESE is a leading inter­disciplinary energy education and research hub. DESE has developed several novel education programs Focussing on the application of science and engineering to problems in energy.DESE offers various academic programs: BTech, MTech, Dual Degree, MSc, and Ph.D. programs. Research activities at DESE aim at providing solutions to generate clean energy and develop energy systems to meet future energy demands.

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

The Department of Sustainable Energy Engineering at IIT Kanpur came into existence in December 2020 and has more than twenty faculty members from various disciplines active in multiple thematic areas related to the department. The department is committed to excellence in teaching, research & development, and outreach related to science, engineering, technology development, and policy matters related to energy sustainability. Currently, the department offers MTech, MS (Research), and Ph.D. programs.

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur

School of Energy Science & Engineering (SESE)was started in 2013 as an inter-disciplinary program at IIT-Kharagpur. This school provides critical research inputs in all aspects of energy sectors as well as innovative technologies for energy systems. SESE also provides research leadership at the national and international level by offering an interdisciplinary research forum and academic program to study energy systems, which emphasizes technology demonstration and collaboration. This school provides MTech and Ph.D. programs in ESE. The school conducts and supports research activities with multidisciplinary inputs from several departments/centers such as Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Metallurgical & Materials Engineering, Materials Science, etc.

Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati

The School of Energy Science and Engineering at IIT Guwahati was established in May 2004 to promote multidisciplinary activities focused on various facets of energy technology and systems in research, teaching, and consultancy. It has two academic programs – Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Master of Science by Research (MS-R). The facilities available at the Centre have been excellent support for the students working in different areas at IIT Guwahati and for the students of various academic and research institutions.

In addition to these, various other departments such as Mechanical, Chemical, Materials science, Physics, and Chemistry at all IITs offer research programs in energy science and engineering.

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