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Everything You Need To Know About Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN

Everything You Need To Know About Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN

Thousands of students every year aspire to do their doctoral programme from the best universities around the world. Research shows 16% of students from ASEAN countries go outside their home country for their PhD research studies. 

To inspire students from ASEAN countries and to enable access to the best university education and research, the Government of India (GOI) launched the Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN. This programme gives the students the opportunity to research at The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). IITs are autonomous public technical and research universities spread across the country. 

Here is all that you need to know about the Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN.

What is Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN?

This fellowship is exclusively offered to 1000 students from ASEAN countries to pursue a PhD programme in India at any of the 23 IITs of their choice. The programme also gives the researcher the funding required for up to 5 years including a stipend to cover their living expenses.

This programme was launched by Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India during the 25th anniversary of the ASEAN-India Summit on 25th January 2018. A total budget of INR 300 crore (approximately USD 40 million)” for up to 1000 integrated Ph.D. Fellowships will be given by the Government of India. This initiative aimed to strengthen the ties between the ASEAN countries and also to enable students to get education from the best universities of the world. 

Why Study at IIT? 

IITs are considered one of the best engineering and technology institutions in the world. Located in India, IITs not only give access to the best technical school in India, but also help you experience the Indian culture. 

The academic excellence, opportunity to work with outstanding IIT faculty, and impressive extracurriculars make learning at IIT a great choice. 

Apply for a PhD at IITs

Apply for a PhD at IITs — the best technology institutions of India

The Benefits of PhD Fellowship Programme

Being the top institutes in India, every doctoral student at IITs is guided by the finest faculty in addition to several other benefits. 

  • The fellowship bears the whole cost of studying and living expenses for up to 5 years of the PhD programme. 
  • It offers an extra contingency fund to cover study costs such as travel and books.
  • The fellowship includes a monthly stipend of up to INR 31,000 for the first 2 years, INR 35,000 for the remainder of the term.
  • Fellows will earn a study grant for research expenses such as travel, books, and contingency of up to INR 170,000.
  • The scheme would also include up to 24 percent of accommodation (monthly house rent allowance)-as per Govt. Standards (depending on the city) of the scholarship if hostel accommodation is not offered.

Selection Process 

Candidates who wish to apply for Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN need to apply online at our IIT portal. During this process you can choose the specific programme and also define which of the 23 IITs you want to study at.

The respective IIT will screen your application, shortlist you and interview you online. Then the institutes announce their offers of admission, including the waitlist.

If you are selected for multiple programmes, you will need to decide which programme to pursue and then the final accepted student details are reported on the portal. 

Apply For This PhD Fellowship Programme

It takes several years of commitment, hard work, and living expenses to earn a PhD. It will be difficult for students to pursue a PhD without sufficient monetary assistance.

The Doctoral fellowship in India for ASEAN by the Indian government will offer a great experience to you in terms of education and career opportunities. 

Apply online at https://ecampus.iitd.ac.in/ASEAN/login on our portal.


Apply for a PhD at IITs

Apply for a PhD at IITs — the best technology institutions of India