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Research opportunities in Applied Mechanics at IIT Delhi

Research opportunities in Applied Mechanics at IIT Delhi

Applied Mechanics is a branch of the physical sciences and the practical application of mechanics. Mechanics is the study of forces that act on bodies and the resultant motion that those bodies experience. Strongly rooted in physics and mathematics, engineering mechanics is the basis of all the mechanical sciences, including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering, materials science and engineering, and bioengineering. As its name suggests, applied mechanics bridges the gap between physical theory and its application to technology.

Applied mechanics provides a strong background in engineering science and applied mathematics, which prepares students to carry out high-quality analytical or experimental research and handle a wide variety of modern engineering problems. Current research topics include solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, computational mechanics, dynamics, space mechanics, biomechanics and biomathematics. The advances and research in applied mechanics have wide applications in many fields of study. As a result, applied mechanics students are prepared for careers at the forefront of a wide variety of areas, including the aerospace, civil, mechanical, electronics, automotive, manufacturing, software, and computer industries.

Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) are among the most prestigious institutions in the country for science and engineering education and research. They create a unique ecosystem that offers interactive learning, a highly flexible academic structure, cutting-edge research, strong industry collaboration and entrepreneurship. IIT Delhi is committed to providing an excellent human resource to meet national needs and global expectations. It is a unique institution and a dream destination for those who wish to be leaders in science, technology and management. IIT Delhi is internationally recognized for delivering excellent education at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels while endeavouring to become a great research institution. It has continuously improved its credentials in research, as evidenced by publications and citations and PhDs per faculty.IIT Delhi has made significant contributions in many areas, including academic activities, research, innovation and technology development in pursuit of its excellence. IIT Delhi is an ideal place for scholars who are looking to pursue research in applied mechanics.

Department of Applied Mechanics, IIT Delhi

Department of Applied Mechanics at IIT Delhi primarily researches fundamental problems of mechanics. Over the years, the department has gained expertise in the areas of nonlinear elasticity, composites, impact mechanics, computational mechanics, turbulence modelling, bio and nanomechanics etc. to name a few. The broad areas include

  1. Solid Mechanics

Main Research Areas: Computational Mechanics, Structural Reliability, Structural Dynamics, Offshore Structures Impact Mechanics, Large deformation of metals and composites at low, medium and high rates of loading Smart composite and sandwich structures, Functionally graded material (FGM) structures, Piezothermoelasticity, Active vibration control, Pressure vessels, Snow mechanics, Experimental stress analysis, Nonlinear dynamics of composite plates and shells, nonlinear dynamics and chaos, Railway vehicle dynamics, Smart Structures, Dynamic Stability, Optimum structural design, Failure Analysis, Design Optimization, Bio-mechanics

  1. Fluid Mechanics

Main Research Areas: Pipeline Engineering, Slurry Transportation, Hydrodynamics stability and numerical modelling, Computational fluid dynamics, Turbulence studies, Flow diagnostics, Computational fluid dynamics (CFD)

  1. Design Engineering

Main Research Areas: Design optimization, Finite element analysis and applications, Reliability and maintainability, Advanced Dynamics, Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Fracture Mechanics

The department offers BTech (Engineering and Computational Mechanics), MTech (Engineering Analysis and Design), MS (Research) and PhD programmes. Engineering graduates with a background in Civil, Mechanical, Aerospace, Production Engineering etc., and interested in pursuing research in mechanics can apply for Postgraduate and PhD programmes at the department.

The applied mechanic’s department at IIT Delhi has a distinguished history and enjoys an excellent national and international reputation. The department research laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including scientific instruments and systems. The faculty of the department are also involved in several international collaborative and mission projects. The department provides unique, interdisciplinary opportunities for research on experimental, theoretical and application aspects for challenging engineering problems with far-reaching impact.

Additionally, the civil and Mechanical Engineering departments of IIT Delhi also offer research programs in Applied Mechanics.

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